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moritz in children's rooms

moritz is the stylish and practical all-rounder in children’s rooms – for sitting, drawing, playing, exploring, discovering, rocking or simply resting.

The natural, non-toxic material avoids damage to the floors, furniture and walls in your child’s room. The high-­quality workmanship means that moritz is durable and sturdy ­despite its light weight.

moritz in waiting rooms

In waiting rooms, play corners and other areas where children like to play while they wait, moritz is the aesthetic, playful addition to a stylish set of furnishings and toys. Whether children want to sit down and look at a picture book, play with toy cars, or simply lie in the cradle – moritz keeps children happy while they wait, which keeps the adults happy, too. Furthermore, moritz’ durable build ensures that it will look good for a very long time.

moritz in play areas

moritz is a very popular way of getting large groups of children to start playing. moritz is the perfect addition to the infra­structure of play groups, nursery schools and childcare facilities. One moritz won’t be enough.