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moritz is 100% SWISS

Beech is one of the most common woods in Switzerland. This sustainable material from Swiss forests is felled, sawn, planed, sanded and treated in Switzerland by people with disabilities to create moritz. That makes it a clear acknowledgement of the quality of Swiss wood and Swiss workmanship.


Ergonomic shape

moritz has rounded edges and is made for people. The clear use of form is a further development of Josef Hoffmann’s Fledermaus chair from the Vienna Secession period around 1910. Use of the ideal materials, and the sturdy yet ­sophisticated design give moritz its unique character. Without any corners or sharp edges, it is pleasant to touch and ­encourages playing.


Fledermaus chair by Josef Hoffmann, 1910

Entertaining and engaging

Whenever children encounter moritz, they start to play. You will be amazed at what they come up with.